"Locals Day at the Park" Scalloped Hammerhead R Series by D. Nyland

$ 98.00

This shark's distinctive shape helps it to locate and capture its favorite meal: stingrays. Wide set eyes and special sensors, just behind the eyes, allow it to quickly scan its surroundings for prey. Found in tropical and subtropical waters, divers and snorkelers have a good chance of interacting with hammerheads, though very few attacks on humans are documented.

These graceful giants  can grow up to 20 feet in length and weigh up to 1,000 pounds, although smaller sizes are more common.


Highest-quality giclee reproduction on stretched canvas, ready to hang or to frame. 

12" x  24" unframed, ready to hang.

Order the narrow stretcher frame (Approx. 1/2" thick) if you intend to frame the print.

Order the wide stretcher frame if you prefer the wide, frameless contemporary look.   

Do am image search for "hammerheads St. Andrews State Park Florida."  It's only a couple miles from my house. You will see lots of pictures of hammerhead sharks in the kiddie pool, next to the jetties. 


Canvas: printed on heavy cotton/poly canvas and securely affixed to wooden stretcher bars. 3/4" thick prints are ready to frame. 1 3/4" thick prints are typically displayed without a frame for a contemporary gallery look.


Paper prints are shipped, rolled in a tube.
Canvas prints are carefully fitted into boxes so that they are protected against moisture, movement, friction inside the box, and blows or pressure from the outside. As a result, giclees are practically never damaged in transit
Shipping Times:
Once payment has been received, the order goes into production, which will take between 5 to 7 business days to complete. After that, shipping to Continental US addresses should take about 5-6 business days over UPS Standard. 
Please note that the estimated production time may go up during certain periods of the year, such as the Holidays. (usually goes between 7 to 10 business, instead of 5 to 7).

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