About the Artist

About The Artist:

Born and raised in California, Nyland began drawing as soon as she could hold a pencil. At 30 years old, Nyland relocated to the Florida Gulf Coast. Comfortably warm and happy, Nyland and family enjoy life by the sea.  She taught science at a local college between trips to the beach, where they swim, snorkel, dive, fish, boat, or just play outside in the sun and salt air.  In time her passions merged when she began drawing and painting the bountiful marine life of the Gulf of Mexico.  


About the Art:  

Sketching from her memory, photos, live (or recently departed) subjects, Nyland honors the essence of these magnificent marine and aquatic Earthlings in vibrant hues. The  V.E. series is a collection of intimate portraits that illustrate the unique forms, colors and characteristics of the species.