Hammerhead Shark Painting by Nyland "Locals Day at the Park" R Series

$ 98.00

Scalloped Hammerhead Shark painting by Florida marine artist Denise Nyland. Inspired by regular visitors to St. Andrew's State Park, these magnificent fish are often seen in the kiddie pool, the shallows next to the jetties. 

Only three miles from the house by boat, St. Andrew's State Park is one of the best places to experience Florida wildlife. On a short hike through the hammock, you are likely to see alligators, deer and racoons.  Snorkeling in the kiddie pool on the jetties, you will encounter dozens of marine species, from the cute little sergeant major fish to beautiful angelfish, parrot fish and barracuda, maybe even a stingray or shark.

Reference photo graciously provided by Michael Aw. Profits from sales of this piece are donated to lobby against sale of shark fins in the US.    

Original is available, as well as giclee reproductions in two sizes, on two different stretcher frames. Prints mounted on the narrow stretcher are typically displayed in an open frame (without glass).  Prints mounted on wide stretcher bars are displayed without a frame for a contemporary gallery look.  Both types are ready to hang.

Original:   12"x 24" Oil over acrylic on stretched canvas

Giclee Prints:   12"x 24",  18"x 36" 

Canvas prints are carefully fitted into boxes so that they are protected against moisture, movement, friction inside the box, and blows or pressure from the outside. As a result, giclees are practically never damaged in transit
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