Largemouth Bass Fish VE Series Fishing Art Painting by Nyland

$ 60.00

Largemouth Bass, VE Series, by Denise Nyland. Giclee reproduction on canvas.

This smaller freshwater species shares it's good looks, diverse diet and powerful striking force with it's saltwater cousin, the grouper.  If you have fished for both, you have probably noticed the similarities.  

Largemouth bass have been caught in all 50 of the United States. That means that in America, you don't have to go far to catch bass...but it's not necessarily a good thing. As voracious, aggressive predators, once bass are introduced and become acclimated to a lake or pond, they can quickly decimate native species.

Bass like to eat smaller fish, but they are opportunistic, experimental feeders. They also eat bugs and frogs, even baby ducks. I recently saw a kid catch a bass from the nearby pond ON A CANDY GUMMY WORM!  

Original (sold) is mixed media on canvas.  Highest-quality giclee prints available and make great gifts for the bass angler, for home, office, restaurant or man cave!  

Canvas: printed on heavy cotton/poly canvas and securely affixed to wooden stretcher bars. 3/4" thick prints are ready to frame or to hang. 1 3/4" thick prints are typically displayed without a frame for a contemporary gallery look.  Both thickness prints come with hardware, ready to hang.

* Bar thicknesses are approximate.