"Siren in the Shallows" Tiger Shark Painting, VE Series Canvas Giclee

$ 165.00

The sea tiger, known for her voracious appetite, is a  sleek, powerful huntress that grows to over 5m (16 feet) long. Galeocerdo cuvier considered a near-threatened species, due to finning and fishing by humans. Tigers are nomadic sharks, found around the globe near the shore in tropical and subtropical waters.  Curious, relatively indiscriminate feeders,  tiger sharks are responsible for the second highest number of recorded shark attacks on humans.

Artist's note:

"I had just finished this piece when a diver friend asked "Can't you make her scarier?" I returned with the revised painting the following day. "What did you do?", he asked. "She's definitely scarier, but what did you do?"

I explained: "I painted sunlight on her back, like she's swimming just under the surface. Then I lit up her belly, like she's just over the sand. I put her in three feet of water, where your kids are swimming."  

Full-size giclee reproduction on stretched canvas. 

12"x 36", ready to hang or to frame.

"Narrow Stretcher" option is ready to hang, but is typically displayed in an open frame. 

"Museum Wrap" option is on a thicker stretcher frame for a contemporary presentation, unframed.