"Welcome, Friend" Green Sea Turtle Honu Reproduction of Oil Painting, Giclee on Canvas

$ 75.00

Green Sea turtle Honu Painting  by marine artist, Denise Nyland.
*Being in the water with green turtles has been one of my life's greatest pleasures. Weightlessly and nimbly, they "fly", cruising the seabeds and corals.   

These beautiful turtles live in tropical and subtropical oceans, mostly near island shores, bays and inshore areas. Benevolent and gentle, the  green turtle, Chelonia mydas, is an omnivore. As an adult, it grazes on sea grasses and algae.   It's name comes from the greenish color of the turtles' fat, which is only found in a layer between their inner organs and their shell.

Status: Threatened Species. The greatest threat is from the commercial harvest for eggs and food. 



 Description: Giclee reproduction of original oil painting, completed November, 2017. 

Available in 11"x 14", 16"x 20", on narrow or wide stretcher frames. All are ready to hang. 
Prints on narrow stretchers are typically displayed in open frames. Those on wide stretcher frames are displayed without frames for a contemporary gallery look.  

Standard dimensions, ready to frame or hang. Vibrant jewel-toned tropical colors. 

Shipping:  Securely packaged, shipped to addresses within the continental US by USPS within three business days. Please contact me if you need to have this shipped elsewhere.